The Story of The Autistic Expert

Having only received my autism diagnosis as an adult, I lived much of my life without accommodation or understanding. Diagnosis gave me a new way of understanding myself and my identity. I learned how to advocate for myself and ask for accommodation. Everyone deserves an opportunity to participate and contribute in a way that works for them. I don't want others to struggle like I did. That's why I created The Autistic Expert.

Using my extensive work experience, my professional organizing and event planning skills, and my first-hand understanding of disability and the autistic experience, I aim to help others have an easier path. I seek to guide non-disabled people and build a bridge of understanding and acceptance. Together we will create a truly inclusive society.

I also sit on the board of Autism Canada


Autistic Expert Consultant

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That was truly the best and sweetest advice I’ve ever been given. You just lit a little fire of inspiration and determination in me. ~Leanne S.

You’ve been awfully open and helpful! ~Anna Y.

A lot of concrete ideas that have been helpful. Thanks so much! ~Anne L.